Why Work With Us

Managing your financial life is never easy, but it’s even more difficult in today’s unique landscape. In fact, you probably have a lot of questions:

  • Financial planning questions: how and when can I retire with confidence?
  • Investment questions: can my portfolio withstand another major shock?
  • Tax questions: what can I be doing to lower my taxes?
  • Estate planning questions: how can I pass on my wealth most tax-efficiently and also protect my family’s assets?
  • Business financial questions: how should I structure my business to reduce taxes and help me plan a smooth exit?

There are many professionals who can help you answer these questions, but it usually requires you to work with more than one person. That’s expensive and often a hassle, as it most likely will leave you stuck trying to coordinate all the advice.

That’s why at Opus Wealth Management, we’ve been providing a more complete, planning-intensive approach for over 20 years:

  • We help you manage your entire financial life…not just your investments.
  • We use the discipline of a proprietary checklist to minimize your blind spots and help ensure nothing is missed.
  • We manage your investments with discipline and prudence
  • We spend time on tax and estate planning to help you increase returns and save money whenever possible.
  • We even help you with health care planning and expense management.

The end result?

Organized – In Control – Less Worry

 Higher standards

You expect your doctor to have attended medical school, right? And your lawyer to have gone to law school? Shouldn’t you expect something similar from your financial advisor?

Unfortunately, many people don’t understand the relatively few requirements to call yourself a wealth manager or investment professional.  So many people don’t really know what their financial advisor knows…or as importantly, what they don’t know.

They may be a highly trained, experienced advisor.  Or they might be someone who passed a test or two and has some related experience.  When your financial future is on the line, we do not believe that’s enough.

At Opus Wealth Management, we take our business seriously. We have earned both the Chartered Financial Analyst® and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional credentials.

How does that benefit you?  We have the expertise, years of study, and years of experience to help you effectively manage risk, sidestep problems, and take advantage of tax and estate planning opportunities.

Learn more about our credentials. 

The discipline of a checklist

There are too many things that can go wrong in your financial life.  Overlooking one or two things can create expensive problems over time.  As you get more successful, the potential for blind spots increases, making your financial situation even more complex and interconnected.

High-quality financial planning can help you prepare for most events, planned or otherwise.  But even seasoned financial professionals don’t always remember everything. That’s why at Opus Wealth Management, we use a proprietary checklist designed to make sure we don’t miss anything.

This humble checklist helps us keep our clients better prepared for whatever the future throws their way.

It also brings consistency to your complex financial life.  In uncertain times, this can mean the difference between feeling stressed and feeling confident about the future.

“We don’t have to be smarter than the rest; we have to be more disciplined than the rest.” -Warren Buffett.

 More Estate and Tax Planning

Taxes can take a huge bite out of your income and your wealth.  Ignore taxes and you’re fighting an uphill battle to accumulate wealth.  Why not use smart tax and estate planning strategies to make things easier?

That’s why part of our process always looks for opportunities for you to save on taxes and better protect your assets. We do that by including:

  • Tax planning to look for ways to save on taxes now and in the future
  • Comprehensive estate planning and assistance with implementation
  • Comprehensive asset protection strategies and assistance with implementation

Health Care Financial Planning

Retirees can expect to spend over $285,000 in today’s dollars on health care in retirement according to Fidelity Benefits Consulting. And that’s not even including the cost of long term care.

Clearly, health care costs are a growing concern, and health care itself is incredibly complex.  That’s why we’re one of the few financial advisors to offer a complimentary service to help you deal with today’s complex health care landscape.

We’ll help you plan for healthcare costs with Bernard Health to give you access to a team of healthcare professionals who can help you resolve insurance coverage, claim, and payment headaches.

All from a Single Source

With your complex life, wouldn’t it be simpler to have one team overseeing and organizing everything?  We think so, and that’s why at Opus Wealth Management, our team acts as your financial coordinator.

We’re here as your central source for any financial issue.  We’ll coordinate with your accountant and your lawyer, too, to make sure your wishes get implemented.

In your busy life, this can help you save time, effort, and frustration.  

The Backing of a Family Office

In the wealth management industry, the height of sophistication is a “Family Office” where a group of cross-disciplinary professionals supports a small group of centimillionaire and billionaire families. While we understand for most of our clients this is overkill, we have the full resources of Belpointe and its Family Office for our clients that need this level of sophistication.

As always access to Belpointe’s Family Office is coordinated through your trusted Opus professional so that you don’t miss a step growing into a more complex situation.

This way, you’ll never outgrow our services.  You’ll always have a specialist available for all of your financial, legal, and tax advisory needs.

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