Business Owners Preparing for Retirement

Carl (58) and Jennifer (56) own a property management company.  They have three adult children.  Over the past 25 years, they have built the firm from just the two of them to a company employing over 28 people, including two of their children. The firm is very profitable and produces strong cash flow for the couple.

Carl and Jennifer were referred to Opus Wealth Management by their accountant.  They liked the broker they had been working with previously, but he only wanted to talk about their investments.  Plus, they only heard from him after they called him.  But as their company had grown, things were good, but they did not feel in control of their “entire” financial picture.  There were too many assets to worry about, and with their busy lives, it felt as there was no one who could help them ensure they were doing everything they needed to do to protect their wealth.  They were looking for a firm to help them get organized and begin planning their retirement.

They signed up for our free assessment, and we reviewed their financial situation. Their cash flow was very good, but they were not as diversified as they should be.  If a recession hit they might be at risk.  They also expressed concern about how to leave their assets to their kids, since two worked in the firm, and one didn’t.  They also had one child who frequently asked for money and they weren’t sure how that should be handled.

After the assessment, they decided that they wanted to work with us.  So we began gathering information and building a complete financial plan for them.

First, we pulled everything together into one plan, which allowed them to see their entire financial picture in one place.

During the process, we identified ways they could save on taxes.  We also found an estate planning strategy that would save taxes and help protect their assets from any potential business liability.

We spent time with both of them explaining everting we were doing for them so they understood and agreed.  They appreciated the detailed explanation of our investment philosophy, which allowed them to feel better during marketing volatility.

Today, the couple feels organized financially, finally. They are on track to retire soon. Opus helped them plan to sell their company to their two children who worked there, and we helped structure an estate plan that the entire family was happy with.

We also helped them formulate a plan to work with their child who always asked for money.  The plan included helping him learn how to manage his own money and control his debt so he could enjoy a more independent future.

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