One of our core values is education. After all, nobody is better equipped to make decisions for your family than you…armed with the right facts.

We might be a good fit for each other if….

  • You want to work in the spirit of a collaborative partnership – we are nice people, and we want to work with nice people!
  • You want to delegate the majority of your wealth management task list to a comprehensive team
  • Absolute independence and objectivity are important to you
  • You have a minimum ~$2 million of assets to manage or “line of sight” to get there
  • You look at your investment advisor not as a “lottery ticket” but to bring you a disciplined, “value investing” process
  • And…while we can do simple, we shine in the world of coordinating sophisticated cross-disciplinary advice

Our Services

We pride ourselves in our disciplined diligence. We have created a master checklist that incorporates 660+ value-adds we review regularly for clients.

  • Proactive guidance on all parts of your financial life
  • Planning includes review of a 700+ item checklist to help identify blind spots
  • Planning for financial independence, goals and contingencies
  • Review, guidance and coaching on cash management and budgeting
  • Proactive guidance on tax strategies to reduce your tax liability now and in the future Video
  • Advice on investments and other assets not held with our firm
  • Detailed planning and guidance on retirement withdrawals, including Social
  • Security strategies
  • Review of your insurance needs and assistance obtaining cost-effective coverage
  • All-in-one online portal so you feel organized and can track your progress
  • Complete family health care planning (includes Medicare options)*
  • Access to line of credit collateralized by investments
  • Outsourcing of time and stress required to do proper financial planning research
  • Comprehensive estate plan design and implementation assistance
  • Sophisticated asset protection strategy design and implementation assistance
  • Charitable giving planning and tax minimization strategies
  • Service direct from a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional
  • Behavioral coaching for heirs of significant wealth
  • Proactive, multi-year tax planning strategies to help reduce your tax liability
  • Assistance clarifying financial goals and exit strategies
  • Ownership structure advice and strategies
  • Advice on structuring operating agreements and buy/sell agreements
  • Advanced executive compensation plan strategies
  • Business liquidity strategies
  • Single owner contingency planning
  • Full and partial exit path strategies
  • Intra-family business transfer and succession plans
  • Behavioral coaching (to help prevent emotional decisions and financial mistakes)
  • Use of disciplined valuation-based asset allocation to better manage risk  Video
  • Warren Buffett-type portfolio managers that put a meaningful amount of money in their best ideas
  • Below average industry fees
  • “Eat our own cooking” investment philosophy
  • Fully diversified portfolio (including private equity, direct equity & private credit)
  • Tax-efficient placement of investments
  • Strategic tax loss harvesting
  • Proper rebalancing techniques
  • Integration of your retirement accounts (such as 401(k) accounts into investment strategy
  • Outsourcing of time required to properly manage portfolio and risk
  • Lower stress due to disciplined investment strategy
  • Service direct from an advisor holding the Chartered Financial Analyst® designation

Planning Fees

We have a wide range of planning fees we charge. From a nominal amount for a small project to six figures for a complex, multi-year engagement (usually business owner related). Our planning fee will be based on the complexity, time and value-add involved and you will have a crystal-clear idea of what it is before we ever asked to be hired.

Investment Fees

We charge on a percentage of assets basis. Our highest fee is .97% and it scales down from there. We are happy to send you our declining fee schedule upon request. Unlike many firms, when you grow into a new tier, we charge your new, lower fee on your entire portfolio so that you don’t need to pull out a calculator to know what your fee is.