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You need full-service attention to achieve your financial goals.  At Opus Wealth Management, we’re set up to deliver it.

You can expect the personal touch of a small firm…backed by extensive resources.  Because we’re backed by the Belpointe Family Office, you’ll have access to deep resources to ensure that we can help you with any specialized needs.

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Loic LeMener

As the founder of Opus Wealth Management, I am passionate about helping clients simplify complex financial lives and get on track to achieving their goals. ...


Rebecca Knable

Contact Rebecca at 214.453.2698 Rebecca Knable joined the financial industry in 2007 as an office manager for her father’s CPA firm.  She worked there until...

Belpointe Family Office

Kim Raimondo

Kimberley Raimondo, Esq. acts as General Counsel for Belpointe Family Office, and is available as a consultant for Opus Wealth clients. Kimberley began practicing law...

Robert Raimondo

Bob Raimondo leads the Advanced Planning & Insurance Divisions for Belpointe Family Office and is available as a consultant for Opus Wealth clients. Bob received...

The Backing of a Family Office

If you’re like most people, you don’t want to pick a wealth management firm you’ll outgrow.  As a small firm, we can’t do everything for everyone.  That’s why we partnered with the Belpointe Family Office, which adds a rich dimension of expertise and capability for our clients.

The Belpointe is a Family Office based in Greenwich Connecticut.  The company is known for its specialty in tax and legal matters.

Opus will partner with Belpointe anytime you have a specialized need that we can’t service.  You can get all that without having to worry about the hassle of talking to many different professionals.  Instead, we’ll coordinate all the efforts and work closely with them to get you the best possible result and smooth, efficient implementation.


Who is the Belpointe Family Office?

In the wealth management industry, the height of sophistication is a “Family Office” where a group of cross-disciplinary professionals supports a small group of centimillionaire and billionaire families. While we understand for most of our clients this is overkill, we have the full backing of the Belpointe Family Office for our clients that need this level of sophistication.

Founded by Brandon Lacoff, a tax attorney by trade, the Belpointe Family Office employs a team of legal, tax, and real estate experts.  This specialized team helps entrepreneurial families manage their financial lives and private businesses.  The Belpointe specialists help them find and make use of some of the most sophisticated wealth management strategies available.

Their professionals have taken care of some of the most successful families in America including top tier athletes, musicians, and business executives.

As always, the resources of the Belpointe Family Office are coordinated through your trusted Opus professional so that you don’t miss a step growing into a more complex situation.

This way, you’ll never outgrow our services.

Fidelity Investments (Custodian)

As an independent advisory firm, we’re not in the business of holding your funds and assets.  Instead, your money and assets are held with a third-party custodian who is in the business of safeguarding investor funds.

We’ve chosen Fidelity Investments as the custodian for your assets.  Fidelity, through its subsidiary National Financial Services LLC (NFS), has been managing client assets for over 70 years:

  • $2.1 trillion of assets under administration
  • Over 7.1 million investor accounts*

*Per Fidelity Investment website as of 5/27/2020

Through our relationship with Fidelity, each month you’ll receive a simplified, consolidated statement of your account.   At the end of the year, you’ll receive your 1099 tax forms and a summary statement that makes tax preparation easier.