What We Do

Personal wealth management isn’t rocket science, but, in our opinion, few do it well.  Why?  There’s often too much for any one person to remember.  Then, anytime you make a change…or something happens in your financial life, there are other areas impacted.  So there’s a lot to track…and a lot to manage. But when your future is at stake, it’s vital that nothing is overlooked.

That’s why we’ve developed a proprietary checklist system to make sure we manage all parts of your financial life.  Our goal is to help you identify blind spots and vulnerabilities before they turn into problems.

Your Financial Life, Organized and In Control

When you work with Opus Wealth Management, we’ll get your financial life organized and help you keep it that way.  With discipline and prudence.

And along with bringing discipline, we also bring another critical component:  straight talk.

We’re known for being realistic and straightforward.  We tell you what you need to hear to reach your goals.  This may be different from what you want to hear. But these honest conversations can be all that stands between you and your best future.

What Should I Expect?

Do expect:
Don’t expect:
Advisors with Substantial Training. We’re one of a select few of financial advisors that possess both the Chartered Financial Analyst® and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional credentials. Our team has the credentials, education and experience to help you navigate any type of market.
Salespeople. We act as your legal fiduciary, meaning we must put your interests first. So you won’t get sales…you’ll simply get objective advice so you can achieve your goals and avoid financial mistakes.
More Personalized Attention. You are unique, so we will spend time getting to know you, your goals, and your responsibilities. Then we’ll spend significant time helping you implement a plan to achieve those goals.
Off-The-Shelf Solutions. One-size-fits-all financial advice often hurts and rarely helps. Instead, everything we do is personalized to your needs; and your risks are carefully controlled at all times, so you stay on track to achieving your goals.
More Listening and Education. Financial advice you don’t understand won’t do you much good. That’s why we invest time in helping you understand your situation and your options with diagrams and other simple examples. Together we help you create a plan that you want to commit to.
Jargon and Technical Talk. You’re busy and don’t need to take your valuable time looking up abstract investing terms. Instead, we believe it’s our job to explain things to you in plain English. That way you can ask questions and feel more comfortable with your financial situation and investments.
Smart Estate and Tax Planning Strategies. The smartest way to achieve your goals faster is to take full advantage of strategies to lower your taxes and pass your wealth on more tax-efficiently. We will help you find and implement these strategies.
Only Investment Advice. Investments are extremely important, but they are not your whole financial picture. We’ll manage your investments carefully using a time-tested approach, but we go farther by including smart strategies to reduce taxes.
Extensive Attention to Detail. You need more attention, not less, to help you shore up blind spots and avoid financial risks. We utilize a 400+ item proprietary checklist system and help you identify and remedy areas of weakness before they become problems.
General Advice. General advice rarely helps you achieve your goals and instead can leave you vulnerable in areas that aren’t attended to. We work closely with you to identify your blind spots, then we’ll help you remedy them so they don’t put you at risk.

The most important thing you can expect from our services?

Confidence that you are on track to achieving your goals.

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