Compare Your Options

When you’re looking for a wealth manager or financial planner, you’ve got a dizzying array of choices.  That’s why at Opus, we encourage you to take your time and compare your options, so you make the right choice.  Your future is too important.

We intend to post explainer videos on a regular basis so check back soon!

Explainer Videos
Proactive guidance on all parts of your financial life yes
Planning includes review of a 400+ item checklist to help identify blind spotsyes
Planning for financial independence, goals and contingenciesyes
Review, guidance and coaching on cash management and budgetingyes
Proactive guidance on tax strategies to reduce your tax liability now and in the futureyesVideo
Advice on investments and other assets not held with our firmyes
Detailed planning and guidance on retirement withdrawals, including Social Security strategiesyes
Review of your insurance needs and assistance obtaining cost-effective coverage yes
All-in-one online portal so you feel organized and can track your progress yes
Complete family health care planning (includes Medicare options)*yes
Access to line of credit collateralized by investmentsyes
Outsourcing of time and stress required to do proper financial planning research yes
Comprehensive estate plan design and implementation assistanceyes
Sophisticated asset protection strategy design and implementation assistanceyes
Charitable giving planning and tax minimization strategiesyes
Service direct from a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionalyes
Behavioral coaching for heirs of significant wealthyes
Proactive, multi-year tax planning strategies to help reduce your tax liabilityyes
Assistance clarifying financial goals and exit strategiesyes
Ownership structure advice and strategiesyes
Advice on structuring operating agreements and buy/sell agreementsyes
Advanced executive compensation plan strategiesyes
Business liquidity strategiesyes
Single owner contingency planningyes
Full and partial exit path strategiesyes
Intra-family business transfer and succession plansyes
Behavioral coaching (to help prevent emotional decisions and financial mistakes)yes
Use of disciplined valuation-based asset allocation to better manage riskyesVideo
Warren Buffett-type portfolio managers that put a meaningful amount of money in their best ideasyes
Below average industry feesyes
"Eat our own cooking" investment philosophyyes
Fully diversified portfolio (including private equity, direct equity & private credit)yes
Tax-efficient placement of investmentsyes
Strategic tax loss harvestingyes
Proper rebalancing techniquesyes
Integration of your retirement accounts (such as 401(k) accounts into investment strategyyes
Outsourcing of time required to properly manage portfolio and riskyes
Lower stress due to disciplined investment strategyyes
Service direct from an advisor holding the Chartered Financial Analyst® designationyes