Comprehensive Financial Planning

One-time financial advice is not likely to move the needle much.  What makes the difference?  Comprehensive financial advice combined with ongoing coaching and support.  That’s what we provide, and that’s what will help you get on track (and stay on track) to actually achieving your goals.

Straight talk, not hype

We’re not here to help you get rich quick.  We’re known for being realistic and straightforward with our clients.  Building wealth and obtaining financial independence is hard work.  There’s no magic formula or shortcuts.  We use discipline and sound analysis to help you get ahead, instead of counting on luck and bull markets.

That includes telling you the truth if something you are doing is going to prevent you from achieving your goals.

Leaving nothing to chance

We pride ourselves on our disciplined, checklist-based strategy to help you eliminate blind spots and help avoid setbacks.  With our planning intensive approach, we’ll help you learn exactly what you need to do to get where you want to go.

Then once the plan is in place, we’ll help you stick to it.

Estate and tax planning are part of our process

We want you to have every advantage when it comes to saving for the future.  That’s why a major focus is finding ways you can save.  So we’ll invest considerable time into researching and educating you about potential estate planning and tax planning strategies that can speed up your progress. That’s all part of our standard service.   Learn more about our estate and tax planning efforts.

Opus Wealth Financial Planning FAQs

Q.  How is your financial planning different from what other firms offer?

A. We believe our operational discipline and depth of our planning differentiates us. Our philosophy is that thorough, smart financial planning can help you avoid expensive mistakes and setbacks and give you the best probability of achieving your goals.  It is not fast, or easy, but it is worth it.  We use a proprietary checklist system that includes over 400+ items to ensure that we identify and eliminate your blind spots.

Q. Can you tell me when I can retire?    

A. Yes. That is part of our intensive financial planning process.  While we can’t make guarantees, we will work with you to analyze and stress test various potential outcomes, so you’ll have a good idea when and how you can retire the way you want to.

Q. Can you help me find ways to save and invest more tax-efficiently?

A. Yes.  While we don’t replace your CPA, our specialty is helping you find and implement forward-looking, multi-year tax strategies.  While most tax accountants are of course very capable of doing this for you, we find that in practice they rarely have time to provide this service to clients.

So every year, we spend time helping you identify strategies to either save on taxes or increase your after-tax returns.  That’s not an add-on, that’s part of our standard service.

Q. Can you help me with more specialized needs – like business issues or international coordination?   

A. When we say we act as your financial coordinator, we’re serious.  We know you are busy and we’re here to help.  For specialized needs, we utilize and collaborate with Belpointe, a national firm with specialists in many niches.  Even better, we’ll coordinate all the help you approve to help save you time and make sure your wishes are implemented successfully.

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