Tax and Estate Planning

There are many strategies out there that can save you taxes.  Often, however, financial advisors don’t coordinate with your tax accountant, so you rarely get to enjoy the benefits of these more sophisticated strategies.

Even more frustrating, your tax accountant probably knows strategies that can save you money but may be so busy with tax preparation it’s difficult to get their attention for non-tax preparation issues.

The end result?  You could end up losing out on ways to save.

Estate planning can deliver significant savings when done right, both now and in the future.  While there’s no mystery to it, it does take planning and analysis to identify potential ways to save, then time to get those strategies in place.

We believe you deserve to enjoy these benefits.  That’s why we include regular tax planning and estate planning in our standard financial planning services.

We’re not accountants or lawyers, but we will analyze your needs and search for strategies that may help you.  Once we identify them, we will work directly with your accountant and lawyer as needed to implement identified strategies.

Opus Tax and Estate Planning FAQs

Q. My last financial advisor never helped me with taxes and just said to talk to my accountant.  My accountant is great but she’s too busy to help me with tax planning.  How is it that you can do this? 

A. What you describe is exactly the situation many people find themselves in….financial advisor doesn’t help with taxes, and accountants don’t have time for the type of in-depth planning that creates results.

That’s where Opus Wealth Management aims to be different.  As part of our disciplined checklist-driven process, we spend time looking for strategies that can help you save taxes.  And not just small strategies, either.

Our focus is on helping you find and implement forward-looking, multi-year tax strategies that can impact your bottom line.

That’s not an afterthought.  That’s part of our regular service.

Q. I’m a business owner and worried about potential liability.  What can you do to help me? 

A. In today’s litigious world, it’s critical to think about asset protection before you need it; especially if you’re a business owner. That’s where estate planning can help…we help identify strategies to shield your personal assets from any business liabilities.  That’s all part of our service.  We’ll help you find the best strategy to protect your assets and achieve your other estate planning goals at the same time.  Then, once you make a decision, we’ll help coordinate everything to make sure your wishes are successfully implemented.

Q. I want to make sure my children don’t spend their inheritance unwisely after I’m gone.  Can you help?

A. Yes.  Creating your legacy is one thing, making it last is something else.  We work with you and your family to help ensure your wealth sticks around for more than one generation. We do that through the creative use of estate planning techniques to help protect heirs from needless taxes, bad luck, spouses and if need be, themselves.  In addition, we will meet and help educate your children so they can develop the habits that can help sustain wealth…so it lasts.

Q. If we go through the estate planning process, what happens when my life circumstances change?

A. At Opus Wealth Management, we view your financial situation as an interconnected landscape.  When one facet of your life changes (you leave your job and start a new business, for example), often that one change may reverberate throughout your entire life, creating the need for multiple adjustments.

That’s why we take the time to examine every life change and make sure we make all the necessary adjustments to your financial situation.  Like playing with a Rubik’s cube, that exercise helps us ensure that there is not some accidental increase to risk that is only recognized in hindsight.

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