The Right Expertise

In uncertain times, you need more expertise and experience on your side…not less.  But do you know who you are working with?

Believe it or not, many financial advisors only have basic industry credentials.

Consider this:

  • 100% of doctors have gone to medical school.
  • 100% of lawyers have gone to law school.
  • There is no requirement for financial advisors to go to school or have a certain level of education.
  • Many advisors have done little more than pass a single state securities examination.
  • Advanced Education or Professional Designations are rarely obtained.

What They Don’t Know Can Hurt You

You’ve only got one future.  You need to plan it right, but if the financial advisor you’re using isn’t knowledgeable or experienced enough, you may at best miss opportunities….or at worst, pay the price with your financial future.

That’s why it pays to be selective.  Professional credentials may make a difference in your financial security.

At Opus Wealth Management, Loic LeMener is one of a select group of advisors to hold two of the industry’s top credentials: The CFA® and the CFP®

Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®).

Known in the industry as “the global gold standard for competency and integrity throughout the investment management industry” the CFA® designation requires over 300 hours of study, four years of experience and the passing of three levels of exams. The exams are notoriously difficult. According to the CFA institute, usually less than half the candidates pass the level 1 and 2 exams, and about 56% pass level 3.  The average CFA® charter holder spent four years earning the designation.

Certified Financial Planner (CFP®).

The CFP® designation is broadly recognized as the gold standard for providing financial planning to individuals.  Applicants must complete 18-to-24 months of study to prepare for a six-hour final board exam. Three years of approved experience as a financial planner or a two-year apprenticeship with another CFP® professional are required before earning this designation.

Complimentary Assessment

Our no-strings-attached, financial review will determine if we are the right fit for you.